Dosen is a Canadian company that takes pride in providing our customers with top quality psilocybin products. Our premium grade mushrooms are cultivated in optimal conditions, and our microdoses are paired with 100% natural and organic supplements for additional health benefits. Due to the extensive and exciting new research surrounding the medical and recreational use of psilocybin cubensis, microdosing has recently grown in popularity. Canadians are increasingly opting to use psilocybin therapy to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression. We at Dosen, are passionate about the benefits our products provide and we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product in a variety of forms and doses to suit each individual’s needs.




Magic Cocoa ( hot chocolate )

15.00 $

Creamy, chocolatey, delicious hot chocolate with 1g psilocybin. Take it with you camping with friends or enjoy it at home in your comfy clothes. Each pack is pre mixed and ready to drink all you need to do is add hot water or your choice of milk for a creamier experience. We also added other medicinal non psilocybin mushrooms such as lions mane ( for memory and cognitive function) cordyceps ( for energy and libido) chaga ( to build your immune system) and reishi ( for relaxation and anxiety).

What are Psilocybin mushrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly and aptly referred to as "magic mushrooms" are an organic naturally growing mushroom that is psychoactive when consumed in large quantities. Magic mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for both spiritual and medicinal uses among indigenous people of America and Europe. Research has shown that psilocybin can treat a variety of ailments and disorders such as:

-Cluster headaches
-Quitting smoking
-Alcohol addiciton
-Cocaine addiction
-Cancer related or other end of life psychological distress


Whether it's an artist struggling with creative blocks, an athlete wanting to upgrade performance and technique or just someone seeking a more positive outlook on life more and more people are turning to microdosing with psilocybin. Microdosing involves taking roughly one-tenth the full dose of magic mushrooms, an amount too little to feel high but enough to sharpen the mind and make your everyday life better. Microdosing is a good idea for people who want to be able to expand their minds and experience therapeutic health benefits while still being able to function in their every day life.


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